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Portfolio for Audio-sx – free background music.

Hi there! How it’s going? As you here it rather means that you come to us from YouTube or some Socials? And you are looking for some free music to download it? Any way Thank you for coming, we are always glad to see you in our little but warm family and share with you our musical experience.

First of all,  

Audio-sx created for share high-quality instrumental background music for videos, films, documentaries, podcasts, presentations, commercial videos, advertising, social media, websites, TV and radio shows and much more.
It isn’t a store. Your activities here, subscription inspire us and help to create a new content / music background tracks. Our instrumental music database is always rising and we uploaded free background music which can be use in any video presentation. However we need to say, that our portfolio with free background music have monetize limitation on YouTube. Youtube & Facebook uses recognition software that scans the music in your video to see your all material. If you want to earn money with our music and avoid unwanted blocking you need to buy a license for it or become our Patron member and use all tracks with monetization.

Good news!  

All music in No Copyright Music section you can use for free! Here we try to make much music as we can. We advise you subscribe to us, so you won’t miss our next free music.


we being always in move, so, we created an extra feature: if you become our Patreon member you will get more tracks with able to monetize it on different Socials.
On the home page we place our Featured track, this isn’t our last added music, because often we add free music in a “backdoor mode”.

More information you can find in our FAQ.
Stay with us and we will create more cool Free Music tracks for you.