Powerful Epic / Cinematic background music For Videos & Presentations

Product Description


Powerful epic – it’s a powerful epic background music, with very epic mood and positive tune.

You can:

This versatile beautiful and inspirational music will be relevant to many videos, slideshows, background for photos, ads, video game reviews. Track used a lot of powerful sounds such as: mega horns sounds, super powerful percussions and so on. Beautiful harmony, deep spicatto and massive epic strings creates beautiful and really impressive mood.


action, adventure videos or movies, extreme and tensieve scene like GoPro or any sport video (downhill, skydiving, rope jumping, wingsuit, fly suit, racing). Ideal for beautiful epic moments, landscapes, nature, drone video, panarama, motivational products and achievements, superhero or battle video projects, as background music in projects that are looking to motivate and inspire their viewers, epic film score, trailers, documentaries, cinematic projects.

Additional Information

First version (full track)

Duration – 2:26

Second version (1:45)

Duration – 1:45

Third version (1:25)

Duration – 1:23

Fourth version (1:00)

Duration – 1:07

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