Orchestra Piano (FOUR VERSIONS). Royalty free music by Synthezx

Product Description


Orchestra piano it’s a piano song with orchestral instruments, smooth and really inspiring.

You can:

This track was created in a cinematic style. At the heart of this song lies a pleasant harmony and nice arrangement.

BEST FOR: weddings videos, triumph projects, documentaries, teasers, cinematic projects, film score, movies, superhero trailers, travel projects, for credits, hitech projects and e.t.c.

Additional Information

First version (full):

Main theme with full orchestral arrangement. Duration – 3:11

Second version (harm):

Main theme without melody section. Duration – 3:11

Third version (no perc)

Main theme without percussion section. Duration – 3:11

Fourth version (1:30)

Shorten version. Duration – 1:29

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