New Year Pack

Product Description


New Year Pack collection is specially made for Christmas and New Year projects. It contains three fabulous and holiday songs. Excellent arrangement and mix will give your Christmas projects pecial uniqueness! These songs used a lot of bells, strings and wind instruments. You will be pleasantly surprised by the special Christmas mood all three songs! Happy New Year!

Perfect for video project: christmas / New Year project, family movies or footage, as holiday background, videohive projects, christmas orchestra music, web videos, inspirational promo, makings of, tv, christmas party, vacation videos, youtube videos, corporate videos, info-graphics, featurettes, photography production.

All versions comes both in .wav and .mp3 formats

1. NEW YEAR (FOUR VERSIONS) – High-quality Ney year music for your projects. Light and Magic song will give your project a unique character

First version: Main theme. Duration – 2:08

Second version: Only harmony. Duration – 1:45

Third version (1.30sec): Short 1. Duration – 1:23

Fourth version (40sec): Short 2. Duration – 0:38

Fifth version: Loop. Duration – 0:29

2.NEW YEAR COUNTDOWN (FIVE VERSIONS) – Counting the last minute of the year. Waiting for the New Year. This track is divided into two parts: the first part (time length about 30 seconds) for a short videos, the second part – for video projects about 1 minute. You can also use the whole track for long projects (about 1:30 sec)

First version (with SFX at end): Main theme. Duration – 1:39

Second version (no SFX at end): Main theme. Duration – 1:39

Third version (with SFX at end): Short version. Duration – 0:42

Fourth version (with SFX at end): Short 2. Duration – 0:15

Fifth version (no SFX at end): Short 2. Duration – 0:15

3.NEW YEAR SONG – This is a gentle and lightness New year song make you projects more bright and airy. Very easy theme take your works on another level!

Duration – 2:16