Product Description


Kid it’s frivolous and unpretentious music with a pleasant harmony, with a very funny mood and cheerful rhythm. It should be noted that the feature of this track is that it easy to use in your project! Furthermore, this music is perfect for cut, so you can use any part of it! Finally, I should add that in the archive, you will find specially prepared loops and an extra version. So, this track is fully prepared for you:)

PERFECT FOR:Photo slideshows, children videos, family movies or footage, youtube videos, business and travel videos, corporate, any presentations and many many more, be free to experiment with this song and enjoy.

MAIN INSTRUMENTS USED: acoustic guitar, xylophone, acoustic bass, metallophone, pizzicato, piano, drums and others.

Additional Information

First version:

Main theme. Duration – 2:53

Second version (1:40):

Short version. Duration – 1:41

Third version (loop):

Loop 1. Duration – 0:24

Fourth version (loop):

Loop 2. Duration – 0:24

Fifth version (loop):

Loop 3 . Duration – 0:24

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