Inspire Cinematic Score (FIVE VERSIONS). Royalty free stock music by Synthezx

Product Description


Inspire cinematic score it’s really powerful and unique song full format (extended version). This track has a good orchestral arrangements with lots of string ensembles, spiccato, brass, wind instruments, as well as choral support for the main melody. This theme will make the listener to keep his attention until the end. You can use it as a whole or in part (additional versions inside the archive)! This song will make your project a special energy that will make your project truly unique and grandiose.

BEST FOR: teasers, cinematic projects, film score, movies, superhero trailers, hybrid projects, for credits, hi-tech projects and e.t.c.

Additional Information

First version (1:30):

Short version №2 Duration – 1:38

Second version (extended):

Full theme. Duration – 3:24

Third version (2:30):

Main theme. Duration – 2:31

Fourth version (1:00):

Short version №3 Duration – 1:06

Fifth version (0:30):

Short version №3 Duration – 0:33

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