Inspiration Cinematic (FIVE VERSIONS). Royalty free music by Synthezx

Product Description


Inspiration cinematic it’s the track with the leading piano line in its first part. In general, this song has a positive, cheerful, optimistic and inspiring character character.

You can:

This music is built on arpeggios of inspire violins that have their development throughout whole song. In the second part of the track, brass and wind musical instruments are added. It is worth noting that in the archive you will find additional versions, including only harmony and short versions (see below). In general, this song has a positive, cheerful and optimistic character.

BEST FOR: travel projects, documentaries, teasers, cinematic projects, film score, movies, superhero trailers, for credits, hi-tech projects and e.t.c.

Additional Information

First version (full) :

Main theme. Duration – 2:34

Second version (harmony):

Main theme except melody part. Duration – 2:34

Third version (2:00) :

Short version №1 Duration – 1:58

Fourth version (1:40) :

Short version №2. Duration – 1:40

Fifth version (1:00) :

Short version №3. Duration – 1:00

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