Product Description


It is very cheerful and energetic track with backing vocals that bring to your project a lot of positive and humorous mood. It is very easy to cut! So you can easily make the song longer. This package includes an instrumental version, without vocals. Experiment as you like! The track included sounds of funky guitar, ukulele and claps add a lot of cheerful tune. In addition, we have added to the archive loop version! So, do not waste your time!

BEST FOR: business and travel, optimistic vibe for motivational corporate videos, photo slideshows, family movies or footage, wedding videos, commercials, youtube videos, advertising, radio, journey, films, web advertisements, children, any presentations and many many more, be free to experiment with this song and enjoy.

MAIN INSTRUMENTS USED: ukulele, claps, accoustic guitar, electric funky guitar, background vocal

Additional Information

First version

MAIN THEME. Duration- 2:32

Second version

HARMONY. Duration- 2:32

Third version

LOOP. Duration- 0:19

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