HAPPY WHISTLING / Background Music For Videos & Presentations

Product Description


Happy whistling – it’s a whistle happy background music with a light and bright arrangement, simple melody and ready to use short versions.

You can:

It should be said that this song is constructed in such a way that you can easily move, add or delete any of its parts. This instrumental track will be good for any children’s or family video, slideshow, etc.

PERFECT FOR: photo slideshows, family movies or footage, wedding videos, business and travel, motivational corporate videos, commercials, youtube videos, advertising, radio, journey, films, web advertisements, children, any presentations and many many more.

MAIN INSTRUMENTS USED: Ukulele, piano, xylophone, bells, claps, accoustic guitar, drums.

Additional Information

First version (full track)

Duration – 1:54

Second version (1:10)

Duration – 1:09

Third version (0:45)

Duration – 0:47

Fourth version (0:25)

Duration – 0:26

Fifth version (0:10)

Duration – 0:07

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