Fast Sport Song (FIVE VERSIONS)

Product Description

Fast Sport Song (FIVE VERSIONS)

Edgy, aggressive rock music theme with a lot of distortion and energy sounds. Very positive, uplifting and groovy track is perfect for project. Contained as only guitar theme and as with additional keyboards sounds. It is driving and edgy modern rock music blended with some cool effects and synth patterns.

BEST FOR: extreme, action video, teenager, party, west coast, indie / skater punk rock, extra adrenaline, short movies. e.t.c.

Additional Information

First version

Main theme with keys. Duration – 2:46

Second version

Main guitar theme. Duration – 2:31

Third version

Short version #3 Duration – 1:29

Fourth version

Short version #4 Duration – 0:55

Fifth version

Short version #5 Duration – 0:41

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