Epic Triumph Pack

Product Description

Epic triumph pack

is a bundle of three motivation, triumphant and positive songs with heroic melodies and uplifting, energetic and inspirational sounds.

Will be good as a film and commercial advertising wich tells of superiority over himself, the war ended, the freedom of man, the onset of peace on earth, peace of soul, joy people, happiness and prosperity.


1. “INSPIRATION OF VICTORY” – is an epic theme and a fully finished product, with lots of orchestral instruments, violins, horns, powerful drums.

Duration – 4:50

2.“JOURNEY (FIVE VERSIONS)” – Song made in the spirit of Hans Zimmer with great use of orchestral instruments. Very epic and grandiose composition will give your project a new and fresh breath.

First version: Full (MAIN theme) harmony version . Duration – 2:36

Second version: Main theme with melody . Duration – 2:36

Third version: Short version of the main theme (harmony). Duration – 1:06

Fourth version: Short version of the main theme (with melody). Duration – 1:06

Fith version: Dynamic short version of the main theme (harmony). Duration – 0:39

3.“EPIC (TWO VERSIONS)” – Grandiose and triumphant song.

First version: Main theme. Have a silence parts, so it easy for manual cut (for you additional versions). Duration – 2:25

Second version: Powerful version of the Main theme. Duration – 1:19

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