EPIC IDENT / Background Music For Videos & Presentations

Product Description


Epic ident – it’s a heroic epic powerful background music. downers, deep bass drops, heavy guitars, thundering drums, raunchy bass and glitch effects.

You can:

Peaceful and patriotic harmony, deep spiccato and massive powerful brass creates dramatic and really impressive tune. Mega horns sound, cinematic ensemble strings it’s a core of this track.


superhero or battle video projects, as background music in projects that are looking to motivate and inspire their viewers, epic film score, trailers, documentaries, cinematic projects, action, military, martial arts, urban, sport videos, corporate business and product advertisements, commercials, slideshows, web videos, makings of, info-graphics, documentaries, Featurettes, photography production, viral marketing, travel videos, sport and fitness videos, racing and flying videos, vlogs, TV and radio media, etc.

Additional Information

First version (1:00):

Duration – 1:13

Second part (full track):

Duration – 2:42

Third part (no melody):

Duration – 2:42

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