Product Description


It is very intense, powerful and grandiose epic composition, filled from the beginning with a lot of hybrid sounds and effects! Feel the power and strength of this track! A large number of audio transitions, SFXs, disturbing percussion, metal snare-drum, aggressive megahorns and e.t.c. Your project will be at the height of the world :) In addition, the archive contains additional versions: with horn melody, short version, and only – percussion. So you will easily choose the right version for you.

BEST FOR: teasers, cinematic projects, film srore, movies, superhero trailers, any hybrid projects, for credits, hi-tech projects and e.t.c.

Additional Information

First version (no melody):

Full track. Duration – 1:45

Second version (with melody):

Full track. Duration – 1:45

Third version (no melody):

Short version. Duration – 0:57

Fourth version (percussion):

Only percussions and megahorn. Duration – 0:57

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