Epic Blockbuster (FIVE VERSIONS)

Product Description


A modern cinematic track for trailers, film, tv, promos, montages etc. It’s a really big sound with a very powerful and organic orchestra! Already contains versions for trailers, teasers and intros!!!. Perfect beginning of the song have further super development, contain a lot of super transitions, very glitch effects, mega SFX-s. Also you will find a mega horns, brams, impacts, super hits, big boomers, all it will give your project a special unique and power

BEST FOR: teasers, cinematic projects, film srore, movies, superhero trailers, any hybrid projects, for credits, hi-tech projects and e.t.c.

Additional Information

First version:

Full track. Duration – 2:43

Second version (2 min):

Short 1, for teasers. Duration – 1:58

Third version (1:35 min):

Short 2, for trailers. Duration – 1:35

Fourth version (1 min):

Short 3, for trailers. Duration – 0:58

Fourth version (35 sec):

For intros. Duration – 0:38

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