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Product Description

Epic and grandiose composition with main grandious horns melody will give your project a new and fresh breath. Used orchestral instruments: violin, cello, megahorns and percussion

BEST FOR: as any background music in projects that are looking to motivate and inspire their viewers, trailers, film score that delivers that thrilling commercial Hollywood sound, hi-tech projects and e.t.c.

Similar Music Composers/Producers: John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Thomas Bergersen, Harry Gregson Williams, Two Steps From Hell, Audiomachine, James Newton Howard, Brian Tyler, James Horner, John Powell, Nick Phoenix, Michael Giacchino, Steve Jablonsky

Additional Information

First version

Main theme. Duration – 1:47

Second version

Short teaser for intros. Duration – 1:12

Third version

Main theme without percussion. Duration – 1:47

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