Cinematic Piano (FOUR VERSIONS)

Product Description


This is a piano cinematic track with very light piano sound, really inspiring mood and can be used in the wedding, motivating and other inspiring projects. Nice arrangement and unique piano section will bring you projects another point of view! Already contain diffelent length versions (short, only piano, harmony), so, it’s very easy to use.

This track is made with love and maximum filled by air and spirituality!

BEST FOR: weddings, documentaries, film score, trailers, teasers, motivate projects and e.t.c.

Additional Information

First version:

Full (MAIN theme) version . Duration – 2:23

Second version:

Only harmony (no percussions) . Duration – 2:23

Third version:

Piano version (no percussions and other orchestra sounds) . Duration – 2:23

Fourth version

Short 1 min. Duration – 1:00

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