Cinematic Honor (FOUR VERSIONS)

Product Description


Cinematic honor is a melodic and inspiring song with beautiful harmony and epic orchestral instruments.

You can:

Cinematic honor is conditionally divided into three parts, between them there are special holes (transitions). It starts with a piano, and the last part is supported by all other instruments, vocals, including powerful percussion, turning this track into an epic composition. So, you can use either separate parts of this theme or take one of the versions in the archive (see below). The whole song will give your project a sense of heroism, honor, conscience, inspirational fills and e.t.c.

BEST FOR: as background trailers, film score that delivers that thrilling commercial Hollywood sound, hi-tech projects, tragical projects, documentary and e.t.c.

Additional Information

First version (full)

Main theme. Duration- 3:02

Second version (2:20)

Shorten, only harmony theme. Duration 2:23

Third version (1:00)

Main theme. Duration- 1:08

Fourth version (0:30)

Main theme. Duration- 0:30

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