Cinematic glory (FOUR VERSIONS + LOOP). Music by Synthezx

Product Description


p> Cinematic glory it’s an epic track with a strong and powerful melody in the second part.Grandiose harmony and percussion give a tough track power and greatness. The song is divided into two parts by the hole (transition), so that it will be easier to use. Also, it should be noted that the archive contains additional three versions of different length, as well as loop (see below). p>p> BEST FOR: teasers, cinematic projects, film score, movies, superhero trailers, hybrid projects, for credits, hi-tech projects and e.t.c.

Additional Information

First version (full) :

Full theme Duration – 2:50

Second version (1:40):

Short version №1. Duration – 1:38

Third version (1:00) :

Short version №2. Duration – 1:01

Fourth version (0:45):

Short version №3 Duration – 0:43

Fifth version (loop):

Loop Duration – 0:17

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