Children / Happy background music / Children’s music by Synthezx

Product Description


This is a very charming and sweet song with a light and unobtrusive melody (archive contains version without melody, harmony only !!!).

You can:

So, it easy to use and perfect for cutting! I would like to pay special attention to the total number of versions of all five variants, including short versions. PERFECT FOR: children, kids video, fun and cheerful projects, photo slideshows, family movies or footage, wedding videos, business and travel, motivational corporate videos, commercials, youtube videos, advertising, radio, journey, films, web advertisements, any presentations and many many more, be free to experiment with this song and enjoy. MAIN INSTRUMENTS USED: Ukulele, piano, bells , accoustic guitar, accordion, drums. Comes both in .wav and .mp3 formats

Additional Information

First version: (full length)

MAIN THEME. Duration – 2:30

Second version (harmony, easy for LOOPS):

This is a special version made especially for you! You can use it in different ways: either as a full version or you can cut any favorite pieces and mix with the other parts of the track (very easy to use for loops). Duration – 2:29

Third version (1:30sec):

Short version 1. Duration – 1:30

Fourth version (1 min):

Short version 2. Duration – 1:10

Fifth version (40sec):

Short version 2. Duration – 0:41

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