Blockbuster Teaser (FOUR VERSIONS). Royalty free sock music by Synthezx

Product Description


Blockbuster Teaser it is very strong, powerful and angry song with really tension mood. Very heavy sound theme bring to your project a lot of power, strength and hardness! Very easy to fit for you intros / openers / teasers or any other cinematic scenes. Very glitchy, high impact tune was designed to catch the attention of your audience in just a couple of seconds.

The main theme is conventionally divided into three parts. So this track is very good for cut! And as in the archive included an additional three separate versions!Separate layer with only percussion, separate orchestration layer only, and the short version of the main theme.

Good suitable for: perfect for video projects, angry and driving videos, corporate business and product advertisements, commercials, slideshows, web videos, makings of, info-graphics, documentaries, Featurettes, photography production, viral marketing, travel videos, sport and fitness videos, racing and flying videos, vlogs, TV and radio media, etc.

Additional Information

First version:

Main theme. Duration – 1:58

Second version: (short)

Short version of the main theme. Duration – 0:54

Third version:

Only orchestral. Duration – 1:47

Fourth version:

Only percussion version of the main theme. Duration – 1:27


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