Action Trailer (THREE VERSIONS)

Product Description


Action Trailer is a huge and ambitious composition with a powerful sounds and hybride transitions. Cutting edge sound design, huge massive hits, and epic energy will give your project that professional sound. Lots of special effects and impacts added this track special status and uniqueness. Massive support for the bass lines and bright strings create an impressive atmosphere of the whole composition. Short versions are also added (see below)

Included Instruments: SFX, Sound design, synths, strings, horns, brass

BEST FOR: trailer score e.g. Marvel, DC, super hero movies, heroic videos, cinematic, trailers, film score, documentary and e.t.c.

Additional Information

First version (2 min)

Full theme. Duration – 1:54

Second version (1 min)

Short 1. Duration – 0:54

Third version (30 sec)

Short 2. Duration – 0:31

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