Acoustic Guitar (THREE VERSIONs + TWO LOOPS)

Product Description


Acoustic guitar it’s a unique and easy music using acoustic guitar as the lead instrument and simple harmony. The main emphasis was placed on the catchy melody. This tune will not get bored. The track used comfortable transitions, which can easily be used to change the overall length songs. For even more convenience, the use of this track we have prepared for you an additional loop (see below).

PERFECT FOR:Photo slideshows, documentaries, children and kids videos, family movies or footage, youtube videos, business and travel videos, corporate, presentations and many many more, be free to experiment with this song and enjoy.

MAIN INSTRUMENTS USED: Piano, acoustic guitars, glockenspell, claps, accoustic bass, drums.

Additional Information

First version (only harmony):

Main theme. Duration – 2:30

Second version:

Main theme with simple melody. Duration – 2:30

Third version (1:20):

Short. Duration – 1:18

Fourth version (loop):

Loop 1. Duration – 0:23

Fifth version (loop):

Loop 2. Duration – 0:23

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