Welcome to Audio Synthezx Group!

Audio Synthezx Group was founded by a successful music producer and composer – Anton Levin, specializing in producing high quality music for various genres, based on royalty free licensing and it’s handled exclusively through AudioJungle.net for use in YouTube videos, commercials, TV, movies, videogames, slideshows, etc. Audio Synthezx Group is the best solution for your projects!

What does royalty free mean?

Royalty free means you just need to pay for rights to use the item once per end product. You don’t need to pay additional or ongoing fees for each person who sees or uses it. This payment covers the usage of that music track for the life of a single project. For more information, see FAQ

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Why i listen to this annoying lady in the background of your music?

This is because All royalty free music websites require a WATERMARK to prevent piracy.

When you buy the track you will get non-watermarked version to use in your project.

We work really hard and we don’t support piracy, so thank you for your understanding.

What i should to do?

  1. Pick a track for listen

  2. Press “Buy license”
  3. Choose “Buy now”

Easy to use!

  •  – Simple to license & download
  • – Effective, time saving solutions for any media
  • – Legal use without paying any royalties (depending on the license)
  • – It is easily accessible
  • – Composed in all musical styles

The best royalty free stock music by Audio Synthezx group for you any projects, commercial use, advertising on TV, Radio and Internet