EXPLORER video / Background Music For Videos & Presentations

Hello, my Friends!

Our new DUBSTEP track and animated picture for it!

Permission to use this picture was given to us by the author GabrielGajdos from deviantart.com Thanks a lot for it!

“EXPLORER (Epic dubstep)”

Epic dubstep it’s a massive and at the same time very inspiring song. This song involves a lot of glitch effects. At the base of this track lies harmony on the piano, which has the support of a string ensemble, which have their further development. After a little lull in the middle of the track, you can hear more powerful and really epic strings, an electric guitar is added in harmony, a strong part of violins with a simple arpeggio begins to play – the target and simple melody of this theme. A very powerful dubstep drum part adds a special tension to this track. It is necessary to pay special attention to the fact that this track is well cut, as well as in the archive you will find additional versions (see below).

PERFECT FOR: trailer or glitch projects, film score, epic movie, dubstep projects, documentaries, showreel, travel and tragical projects, for credits and e.t.c.


Intense impacts, electric distorsion sounds, acoustic guitars, industrial bass and synths, glitch effects, intense risers, soaring leads, and epic riffs.

Comes both in wav and mp3 formats