EPICK BLOCKBUSTER video / Trailer stock music by Synthezx

Hello guy’s!

Today we represent for you our Epic video

At this time we decided to make a video for something demolition, dark and horror picture. We think that all these moods are perfectly passed on to the viewer. Beautiful author’s work! The main figure of the picture is the demon – a most of epic character in this great fantasy world.

Permission to use this picture was given to us by the author 000Fesbra000 from deviantart.com

Thanks a lot for it!

Epic Blockbuster (5 versions) – it’s a modern cinematic background music for trailers, film, tv, promos, montages, superhero or battle video projects, adventure videos or movies, motion designer projec, epic film score, documentaries, cinematic slideshow etc. It will give you chills.


Epic Blockbuster (5 versions) –  It’s a really big sound with a very powerful and organic orchestra! Already contains versions for trailers, teasers and intros!!!. Perfect beginning of the song have further super development, contain a lot of super transitions, very glitch effects, mega SFX-s. Also you will find a mega horns, brams, impacts, super hits, big boomers, all it will give your project a special unique and power. Perfect for cinematic slideshow, dramatic video, powerful presentation and epic montage. This action composition will give your project a new and fresh breath.

PERFECT FOR: superhero or battle video projects, as background music in projects that are looking to motivate and inspire their viewers, epic film score, trailers,

Comes both in wav and mp3 formats

Thank you for all of your support! I hope this track will be your favourite!