CHILL video / Abstract background music by Synthezx

Hello my Friends!

Our next animation for the Abstract track. See below

Today we make animation of pictures with underwater image. This picture depicts a man under water who discovered an extraterrestrial civilization. We really liked the mood that the author of this picture tells us – uncertainty, emptiness, depth and charm. We decided that for this picture will be a good fit our background track “The Chill”

Permission to use this picture was given to us by the author Philipp Grote from Thanks a lot for it!


The Chill – It’s an emotional and atmosphere electronic backgrouns music, with a lot of synth sounds, electronic background mood, blending precise and technical beats with organic and emotional elements. Easily loop-able and editable.This song will show your product in the best possible way!


drone projects, love videos, ios, corporate presentations, business, innovation, hi-tech video, science, cellphone presentation, lifestyle footage, videohive projects, emotional video, science, optimistic vibe for corporate videos, podcast, commercials, youtube videos Comes both in wav and mp3 formats Thank you for all of your support! I hope this track will be your favourite!