INSPIRING PIANO video / Ambient music by Synthezx

Hello my friends!

Today we represent for you our SPACE music video with “deep” picture. Let’s see it…

In this video we used a unusual picture by author  from with a nickname  GabrielGajdos to this picture

This interesting picture shows an astronaut who is drowning under water. We really liked this unusual idea and we decided to add a bit of positive to it by inserting our background track.

So, we wish you pleasant viewing

About Music Track:

Inspiring piano (2 versions) – it’s a cinematic and very calm song with liquid piano sounds. This track have nice and simple harmony with pleasant melody allow you to create your perfect project.


This track uses only ambient and spatial sounds, pads, inspirational piano sounds with very gentle and soft tune without drums part. This composition have lighter version for easy use! It’s gives a feels of positive memories, tender, love stories, childhood emotions.

BEST FOR: emotion video, love stories, slideshows, web videos, movies, teasers, makings of, info-graphics, documentaries, featurettes, photography production, inspirational videos, media projects.

Comes both in wav and mp3 formats

Thank you for all of your support! I hope this track will be your favourite!

Enjoy watching…