Video for background track – Atmosphera. Royalty free stock music by Synthezx

Hello guys and girls!

Today again Wednesday and we post the next video on our track…

This time we decided to make a video for our old ambient track “Atmosphera”. It is unique in that it is made of beautiful and pleasant synthesized sounds, soft harmony and a wonderful mood.

I am very glad that the author of this picture (nickname t1na from allowed me to use here image on our new track, so…HERE WE ARE:)


This unique ambient track contains a really space mood. The main melody is a synthesized and soft sound with the addition of wide snare hit. In this song there are a lot of soft glitch effects and gentle transitions. This ambient track is like a fairy tale – pleasant and unusual. Easy to use for cuting for your inspire projects. BEST FOR: ambient video, space montage, inspirational projects, as scientific or electronic background, emotional video, wedding movie, film score, love and gentle projects and e.t.c.

Enjoy watching…

We hope that this video will help you to decide a best way where you can use it, in what kind of project it will can suit.