Video for our new track “Inspire Piano Score” by Synthezx

Hello! Here we go again!

Today is Wednesday!

And on this day we decided to upload one video clip with our music on a regular basis to our YouTube channel

So, some of you probably noticed that we are creating a small video (animated picture in AE) and post it on our channel? Excellent!

Now we will do this all the time. All links to these videos you can see in our BLOG We hope that it will be easier for you to understand and see how our music lies in video projects. Today we offer you to watch a great video on a unique picture of the author with the nickname FantasyArt0102 from on our new track

“Inspire Piano Score”

Inspire piano score It’s really amazing and inspiring song with a unique, incredible melody and inspirational piano mood. This song has fine development. The song begins with a soft sound of a piano and comes to an end with improbable sounds of violin ensemble and wind instruments. This track can be used in the wedding, motivating and other inspiring projects. Perfect percussion score will not give your project to go out.

Enjoy watching…

We hope that this video will help you to decide a best way where you can use it, in what kind of project it will can suit.