Our Workflow!! New cinematic songs!


We have for you at once two good news!!!

Now we are preparing the next grandiose cinematic songs! We made a video workflow.

One song is ready for sale “Inspirational Cinematic (FOUR VERSIONS)” (Video workflow below). 

The second one – “The Epic” will be available soon!

 Check it!! Hurry up, fellows!:)

“Inspirational Cinematic (FOUR VERSIONS)”

BEST FOR: weddings, documentaries, film score, trailers, teasers, motivate projects and e.t.c.

“The Epic” (on pending)

Very dramatic and epic song with a lot of organic sounds, transitions, and heavy distorted effects! The song is divided into two conventional parts: the beginning of the quiet and magnificent finale! Very easy for cut and ready for use!
BEST FOR: teasers, cinematic projects, film srore, movies, superhero trailers, any hybrid projects, for credits, hi-tech projects and e.t.c

We hope that this video will help you to decide a best way where you can use it, in what kind of project it will can suit.